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Aleksandar Pavlovic
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Aleksandar Pavlović


Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade
with a PhD in Southeast European Studies from the University of Nottingham.
He has extensive project experience and is currently engaged as principal investigator for Serbia
on a Jean Monnet project Democratization and Reconciliation in the Western Balkans and as an
MC member at the COST action ENTAN. He was a visiting fellow at the Centre for Southeast
European Studies in Graz, New Europe College in Bucharest, Albanian Institute for International
Studies in Tirana and OSA Arhivum in Budapest. He received several scholarships and awards,
such as: Civil Society Scholar Award, Stipendien der Republik Österreich, Global Supplementary
Grant, Overseas Research Students Award for England, Visegrad scholarship at OSA etc. He
published Imaginarni Albanac (IFDT: Belgrade, 2019) and Epika i politika (Beograd: XX vek,
2014), and co-edited Rethinking Serbian-Albanian Relations: Figuring out the Enemy (New York:
Routledge 2019), Figura neprijatelja: preosmišljavanje srpsko-albanskih odnosa (Beton/IFDT:
Belgrade, 2015; Albanian edition: Figura e armikut: ripërfytyrimi i marrëdhënieve shqiptaro-serbe)
and Politics of Enmity (Belgrade: IFDT/Donat Graf, 2018).
His main research interests include cultural history of the Balkans, Serbian and Balkan oral and
written tradition, Serbian-Albanian relations and traditional Balkan society.

Field of interest

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Cultural history of the Balkans0%
Serbian and Balkan oral and written tradition0%
Serbian-Albanian relations and traditional Balkan society0%

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