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Promotion of a series: What do we mean when we say… good society?
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Promotion of a series: What do we mean when we say… good society?

At the end of the semester on June 30, the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (IFDT) organized the promotion of a new edition called Trg in front of more than 60 people at the Polet Art Gallery. As part of the promotion, a series of 11 publications was presented, by the experts from various fields of social life who tried to articulate the outlines of a radically different social order in Serbia.

IFDT is marking the fortieth anniversary by starting a new edition whose goal is to open space for science-based alternatives to a polarized and atomized society. Inheriting the tradition of Praxis thought, IFDT strives to provide space for rethinking the foundations and mobilizing the potentials for building a good society.

The editors of the series are Ivica Mladenović, Srđan Prodanović and Gazela Pudar Draško, and the speakers at the event were Gazela Pudar Draško, director of the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory; Srdjan Prodanovic, in front of the editorial team, Iva Markovic, the author of one of the publications, and Rastislav Dinic, assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš. Introductioner and moderator was Ivica Mladenović.

The publications were created within the project “Engage, Inspire, Empower: the Rhizome of engaged democracy”  implemented by the Institute for Democratic Engagement Southeast Europe in partnership with the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade , with the support of the Open Society Foundation.





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